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Friday, May 27, 2011

Pearls & Feathers.

So the wedding i'm shooting tomorrow is going to be delicously decorated.  I actually am looking forward to the fun details this bride & groom have in store for us!  She did mention feathers and pearls...and while i was thinking about what i wanted to WEAR....i had an idea pop in...

Letz go into my closet and look for something inspired by this!

I have an older dress bought at Ross a long time ago that is very lacy, sheer feeling, with blue velvet and simple sequins....then i remembered, oh yes - last good friend bought me a fabulous blue feather plume clip to wear in my hair.  *score* again.  THEN...I remember, my great-grandma's belt of pearls to be worn as a belt or necklace that was given to me.  I know this picture doesn't do it justice...but at tomorrow's wedding...I'll take a picture IN the outfit you will see.

You see, the bride is letting me be myself. YAY.

So in order to keep the professionalism, i'm wearing my black "work" pants underneath so I can have the freedom of crawling around and moving without worry. The lacey undershirt is to protect everything else from showing as well! lol!  Then my comfy shoes to keep my feet happy.  Neon stripey sox.  I look forward to having fun & sharing in all the creativity.

I'm praying for peace, creativity and ideas...and innovations while there. 


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