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Friday, May 27, 2011

I know that my dreams are closer than I think.

When i start getting calls from new york city....this is when i get really trippy! lol!!!!
in 09, i got a call from a designer...
a few weeks a call from a family wanting portraits done....

I like these little teasers. ;)
Plus, the fact that i'm GOING to nyc in july...just makes me happy and happier.

I'm getting pumped about the BMG fun coming..the things i will learn & see...the friends i'll be with...those that have an understanding of art & all the things that i go through as an artist....Sometimes, i think you can be a photographer and not be artistic, you can follow a "formula" to do your job...and get things done...

That is great & all, but not all me.  I like the formulas, but i want something deeper and more meaningful...I am by no means a super-professional...but i am....

an artist. ;)

here is my brain on light.
my true brain scan...and if you didnt know...i have a SMILE inside it. ;)

Much love to you all.
I hope and pray you are doing well.

a picture of my brain....on SMILES

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