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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It is time to believe.

I've had such a hard time believing recently that God has his best for me...mostly cause of how quiet it has been...and how so much silence has seemed to overtake me.  I tend to find words to encourage me just when I need taking the time to be still...and really embrace the silence & stillness - is hard for me.  I know I need it, but I most of time am running from it or trying to create "noise". 

This latest art piece is a reminder...that I'm preparing to see myself the way God sees sight will be restored...the empowerment of light will be ever-present even when I fail.  My only goal should be to just be a daughter of the King...and being a person that just relishes in rest and worship and time with God.  Am I there yet? I am on my way.

This piece is the last blinders coming off, so I can be truly soldified in this next phase of my life....and in the next level coming my way.

Love Jen

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