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Friday, May 6, 2011 amazing!

I recently just went on vacation...our yearly, in fact.  We wait all year to take this trip...and it is just a restful unplugged from technology time for us!  I had a blast this time...nothing but vegetation on the beach or in the pool.  Never-ending food for all-inclusiveness.  A few self-timered portraits on the beach...and just some overall fun....

The thing about sunsets in mexico...they are NOT on the beach...they are on the other side.  The sunrise is the icing on the cake that you get in the Mexican Carribean. :)  We had a great time..and actually talked to more people on this trip than we ever have.  Lots of newlyweds & some anniversaries....:)  It was superly duper and I have to say it was nice to soak up the sounds & sun....all in one! :)  Thank you Riviera Maya.  We love ya!

the piles on the beach...are seaweed stacks - about to be hauled off. :) love it. 

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