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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Photographing Sentimental Objects!

I photographed sentimental objects that were from my great-grandmother's remaining items from when she passed away. I still have a whole bunch to go, but itz been fun to know that great-grandma had her own unique style and that through the years...she came to be known as "red lips" . ahahah!!!!

ENCOURAGEMENT: This goes to show you that at can use your gift as a photographer to document things that most others don't have a desire to.

As I was on my trip - i realized just how much ppl don't like their photos taken...but let me ask you do you want your children's children's children remembered? How will they know where they came from? Have you looked at your grandparents photos when they were in high school? SOMEONE had to take the photo. That someone is YOU! I had SO much fun learning about my grandparents & looking at their photos. I took PHOTOS of their photos so i could bring them home with me!!!! I also took secret video with my point & shoot so that i could bring them home on a video for more LIVE re-living. :) You can see them on my facebook.

Anyways - hope you all have a wonderful WONDERFUL week....

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