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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Corsicana Teasers!

I have worked on some very brief art....for this lovely young couple!!! Jarod & Hayley!

We did a drive into Corsicana to shoot their wedding last Saturday...
it was raining...most of the way in.........and of course, night-time settles in by 530pm. :)
Here are some fun teasers I scooped up so far!!!!

Supreme night-time flash shot - you can see the rain sprinkles reflecting off my lens! lol :)

I had wanted to shoot them in this hallway.  IT was hilariously TINY to walk through and it was one of the main passages from the ceremony room to the reception room.  Here they are, waiting to be announced.  This was probably the best lit area in the whole building! :) Way fun!
The bride with a VERY joyous smile coming down the aisle. :)  We had a delay from a Christmas parade in the well as a delay to find some music for her to walk to.  She handled it like a pro. and like a woman ready to get married to the love of her life! :)  

Congrats you two!!!! More to come...these are just me playing around! :)

Much Love,

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