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Monday, December 19, 2011

BIG THANKS and the upcoming fun of 2012.

So, I know itz not 2012 yet...but I feel like it is right around the corner. U know, cause my mind and heart are already there!  I"m too excited for what is on my plate soon.  Got some GREAT weddings lining up for 2012...already...and each all so unique. :)  I will take them all on with my whole heart and embrace ALL challenges!!!!  I cannot wait.

I really am going to take some time this year and compose a huge THANK YOU to all my clients....from the past 4 years....I wish i could personally thank you all, and I'm going to do my best to let you know how I've appreciated the support!!!

There is an article currently being written about me...that I'm quite nervous about...I asked for it...and I helped contribute points...but still, I'm very nervous about the outcomes.  This is such a big deal to me...I'm super nervous...yet super confident about what is coming. :)  It has been a blast so far, I only imagine that there are many great things ahead. :) 

I hope that in 2012, I see you.....say hi, take your picture, capture your life...and give a hug or smile!

Stay tuned ....cause itz gonna get fun yall. :)

Love Jen

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