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Monday, December 12, 2011

the best THANK YOU!!!!!

Rec'd from the Wednesday's Child office!!!! :)  In which I did the photo sessions with Santa!!!!

            Thank you for coming out and celebrating the holiday with Friends of Wednesday’s Child and North Texas foster children on Saturday. You guys were amazing! I can hardly believe we had 174 youth here on Saturday in our offices.  The kids loved their hot chocolate, making crafts, seeing Santa and decorating cookies.  Kids were all smiles after they asked Santa for a gift and then went to pick out a gift from our toy collection and found what they had just asked Santa for.

We almost doubled the amount of youth we served this year compared with last year’s holiday party.  This could not have been done without our gracious volunteers or our wonderful donors who donated gifts, money and supplies!  We greatly appreciate all that you have done for the foster youth!  I wanted you to hear thank you from someone other than me so here is a thank you note I received from a foster parent today.

“On behalf of me, my wife and my 4 foster children I wanted to thank you for having that wonderful Christmas party, the children enjoyed the activities, Santa and the gifts they received. Please continue in doing the wonderful job you and your staffs are doing to help these children. I
know the parents appreciate it and I know you don’t always get the recognition you deserve, but believe you me, my wife and I see it, and we had to let you. Once again, thank you and please thank your staff and volunteers for spending part of their lives with these children, god knows they need more days like the ones they had Saturday.
Thank You”

I hope each of you enjoy spending the holidays with your loved ones!
Merry Christmas!

Here is a highlight of what we did, but I can't show any faces. :) The only faces I could show, are the workers of the office. ;) lol!!!!!

Hope you ALL get a chance to show your love this season....It is NOT just one time a year. :) 

Much Love


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