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Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Wonderland Wedding.....

I know I know!! You are waiting for some details on this !!!!

I was called in ONE WEEK before this wedding to come on out and capture it.
A long time creative friend I knew from way back....and her brother was getting married.
I was never more excited to be a "surprise" gift than this wedding.

This wedding, I was the surprise. :)  It was super super super cool to see the details in MOTION for this wedding....from cupcakes, to a checkerboard cake, drink me bottles, tidbits of gooey chocolateness to eat....and of course...the Alice Bride and the Mad Hatter groom.

This place was very unique....and so were the settings.........

more pictures to come, but for are some of your teasers!!!!!

The Ceremony! The lights were shifting consistently in and out of color.  I chose to shoot both with and without flash! It turned out really cool.  And even cooler, I knew the Pastor performing the ceremony. Now, that was a great surprise!
I really loved the guestbook table at the entrance of this space.  So I grabbed the bouquet and shot down kinda low perspective with my flash.  There was very little ambient lighting near this table that would work! :) I love it.
With the urging of my friend at the wedding, we started to create long exposure fun images! Oh my GOODNESS we had so much fun! I can't wait to post all of them.  I just chose this one really fast because it was like a splash of light exploding all around them.  I love that about light, you can capture it in many ways. Thank you, Angela!
These tea cups were PRECIOUS, and also the settings of the tables were really neat with the mis-matched saucers and cups.  It was perfect for this wonderland.  So I captured their rings atop the flipped tea cup with the text on it.
Again, another venue shot! They have a screen/sheet that you can create your own shadow dancing & shows.  I shot this just as I was leaving...because everyone was having so much fun just playing.  :)
In addition to the bride/groom vows- the daughter was given this gift and vows of her own in the new adventure and marriage.  I have other pictures, but I chose this one quickly to show how pretty she and the gift was.  I don't think you could have said or done it better! :)  Love indeed.

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