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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Continuing Teaser-Ville.

Because I've been in a spazzy mood....I've been trying to be super-productive before the wedding TOMORROW....(saturday)...err, today. whatever. ;0

So, I wanted to breeze through some more photos from my Nov. 20th wedding. :)

Simple, elegant-tay....and woodsy. :)
You will see more nature-y inspired art with them, because she is a HUGE lover of it. :)
By art, I don't just mean these lovely eh-hem presets or whatever you see come out here...I tend to go a step further with my couples...there are some GREAT ideas out there waiting to be used...and I plan on exploring EACH wedding to their own artistic potential. ;)  This should be a really fun one.

I aim to please my clients. :)

more to come soon.....................

Kissing the was so quiet out there...and so peaceful...
I didn't even set her up for this.  We were starting to wonder when the groom was going out there...and sure enough...she was LOOKING for him!!! tee hee hee. :)
Jason & Kellie, hope you start to enjoy the many pictures coming your way!!!!


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