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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lalo+Vi - in a stunning night of calm, peace and FUN!!!!!!

I was verrrrrrrrry excited to be brought in last minute for this wedding.  This is one of my new interns passionate about learning photography and what it will take to make things happen.  I've never met someone with the passion to make things happen like this woman.  It just so happens - I tossed her into a wedding - in which she had no knowlege - no experience....and she came out overwhelmed and learned a lot!  Just the fact she had the courage to do it- reminded me of me.  Sometimes you just gotta DO IT!  Anyways - back in July she was still a bride-to-be and actually taking "notes" at the wedding.  But here she is now, on the other side - the BRIDE and GROOM got married yesterday...and they celebrated all night!  Enjoy some teasers!

A brief moment in between wedding/reception - AH beautiful!

Exploring their room at the NYLO

As the night was closing down - I stole this light moment.

I think this was my first official Catholic wedding, so being far away was difficult, but manageable!
I hope yall have a WONDERFUL DAY!!!!!!!!!!
It is time to have some great down time...and go see a movie with my husband!

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