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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Finding me. Finding Light. - all in Grandma's bathroom.

I made a quick and fun trip over to see my Grandma this weekend....and to pull up double fun - we did a mini party for my mom's birthday this coming week. :)  What I found when doing my makeup in the bathroom was the strip lighting on the sides and how it popped into my eyes.  :)  I thought to myself, man - I need to capture this.  But really, I ended up capturing a little more of me. :)

Grandma's Bathroom - me in Black & White (the only time you will see me this way) and then in Technicolor.
Again, finding the light in the bathroom...I see something I don't see often...amazing catchlights! That, and my effect turned my eyes 2 different colors. I think it looks awesome! HAH
After a great day with family, we ended up in the Art Alley and I reached out for the wave.
another image...with great catch light greatness...I grabbed as many as I could to join me in the bathroom to capture the eyes.  It is harder than you think....and this was probably about shot 4 or 5 i guess? :) 
Also, took my family into the bathroom...and decided to list off words to express part of who they are
and their gifts within!!!

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