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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Memorial Bride...

In my short sweet trip to DC - to see my lovely friend...(and fellow BLUE MAN GROUP lover)....I was able to see her perform in Batala, see a baseball game and then drop her into a wedding dress for a casual photo shoot involving some *monumental* areas. :)
a quiet moment, where she didn't know i was shooting...just yet. :)

another moment, in between moments.  I did have to photoshop a light pole out - it was just in the way, no matter what.
making our first walks towards all the monuments....but i saw this tree....

beginning, at Jefferson - again - removed light pole that came out of her head. :) 

A sweet moment at Lincoln - but please, the reflection pool was DIRT! omg!

another pretty moment walking through the FDR memorial....
We visited all sorts of locations, moving around - walking around.  Probably walked a couple of miles and hurt a little after, but WHAT FUN.  What city do you live in?  What can you explore around you that you have not before?  Go out, and play!

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