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Friday, September 9, 2011

Reaching for your dreams!

When reaching for your dreams...there are so many things that will come against you, distract you and move you off the path that you were trying to walk.

The question is: How long will it take for you to find your way back?

Who knows, it is different for all of us i'm sure right?

For me, these days I'm starting to re-embrace the things that God laid out for me.  The desires of my heart for many things are bubbling up to the surface and every step of the way I'm fighting for what I want and making things happen.  I am carefully navigating the waters of the things I know I can say yes to, and the things are a *no*. :)  At some point during our lives, we have to say NO.  Also, at some point, we have to stand up for ourselves.

I find myself doing this more often.  Communicating who I am, what I want to do and where I would like to go!  I say to those doubters WHY NOT!  I say, let's get going and have some fun while doing it!

Think about your dream for a moment...where have you gotten off track? Where have you found yourself?  Are you even dreaming anymore?  Are you doing the things you want to do...or the things you only HAVE to do?  Are you growing?  Are you learning?  Are you making a difference?

I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend.
I challenge you to make a small list of things you want to do...and then pick one and go do it...THIS WEEK!  Obviously, make it a realistic goal - but don't fear to dream big!

Talk soon.

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