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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Where does my work show up? :)

I've gotten to be a part of a lot of kewl things over this last year!  I mean! WOW!  What a year 2009 was...I can only imagine as I break through the barriers what 2010 holds for me. 

I have to say I have learned so much "on the job"...that it has been amazing.  I've learned who I can learn from and where I needed to be at the right time.  I learned about putting myself out there without a blanket of security.  My only security was knowing that God had placed me somewhere. 

I have had my share of peace & joy this well as great TRIALS and inner-turmoils!  I've had my inner-self examined and prodded...and I've had my outer-self poked & prodded.  I'm beginning to grasp what it means to believe the best about myself...and what i'm called to do.  I'm on the verge of still breaking through to the next level of abundance - not of money, but of true peace and love continuing in GREATER measures than ever before. 

I want to have what I say. Say what I mean.  And mean what I say.

Ever wonder where my work shows up? Me too! Sometimes I work very hard on a project...and the client doesn't follow through with their goal or dream.  I stop and, what happened?  But I have some that follow through, become their own realities...and I get to be a part of their lives in photograph.

Here are some examples of where my work shows up...and I can vouch for these people and their businesses. Great work, yes!

I have been spending about 5 session with Jandy the life coach.  The things we dug out were more than enough for me to work on for a long time!  In order to be truly successful and at peace...we ALL need help to break through sometimes.  She has been that tool to help me.  I thank her and I thank God that I'm going to new places for 2010! :)  This is her website and new headshot. :)
In addition to her website...She has put out her first CD called "Beliefs Boundaries & Balance"

This is available in many places now...and if you go to Covenant Church - u will see it on the rack!  Look, there is her new headshot, my photo, her photo.  Itz the beginning of awesomeness!

Mike Leonard Insurance Agency!

A very passionate man of his word, eager to sow into fellow believers businesses.  He and his team are eager to help YOU with your insurance needs.  I met them through the Covenant Business Network and helped them with a few small projects.  Namely being their property shots and headshot for the team.  I have found that every project is so different - yet I try and get the same awesome result for them.
Here are their headshots....

Give them a call if you have any needs, they are willing to work with you!

Well, that is a start for tonite! I just wanted to share partially what has been going on this year for me.  I know this is only a beginning...and I BELIEVE that 2010 is going to be so unique, so powerful, otherwise I wouldn't be fighting right now against all odds, and against ANY negativity!  I will choose to focus on the good...and what is TRUE!  Look forward to seeing you in 2010.

Merry Christmas!

Love Jen
Owner/Founder of Rarmai Photography and Studio

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