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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ever been so wired after a huge event, you stay up til 430am? :)

I have to tell you - as long as a day it was yesterday...i was SO WIRED when i got home we didn't go to bed until after 4am!  I woke up at nearly 1pm to discover I am loved.  I'm just so thankful that God has made this time for me of blessing people...having fun...laughing...I have never smiled & laughed as much as last nite.  I have to admit, i'm still not great about wrangling people to take photos.  I was in a room that was pretty awesome!  I had my own little space...I could hear the music, see the people...and it was great! 

The backdrop was an inspiration from the It's a Grind deco that was already working! They had snowflakes and glimmery things hanging from the ceiling.  It was really sparkly!  This is the test shot I had amy take before we were officially open!  I was wondering how the window behind us would affect the photo - but it didn't do much except ADD to the sparklyness!  The reflection of the umbrella in some of the photos was pretty cool!  I did 1 light at a 45 degree stance and the other off to the side because of wiring!  I didn't take an extension cord, but it STILL turned out great.

It was a great room, but still tricky to position everything!  This is a corner shot to give you an idea...everything was wall to wall packed!  We moved at least 3 of the big chairs out and the little tables were moved to the other side too.  I kept one chair in the corner for my stuff and to hide my stuff! :) 

To add to the fun...I had nabbed giant snowflakes at the dollar store...They ended up just being added props for those that wanted to pose with snowflakes!!!!  Here, amanda shows us how to WORK IT! ahahah!  I also had grabbed a door streamer and it works SO well !  I'm glad I bought it after all!!!!  No backdrop fabric....just the bare walls & windows...and floor!  I think it worked perfect!!!!

Carolyn was being a rebel and was the only one who requested to not be captured w/ the sparklies!  In turn, I took her request and gave her this.  However, it took about 8 shots to get here...because as we all know...PHOTOGRAPHERS make the worst critics of themselves!  However, she was very happy with this...and in turn...I gave her this lovely edited version as well!!!

I think she looks fab...and represents herself well!
After the nite was ending and the last song was sung....those that go to the Shanty requested a group photo!  This is where a wide-angle would have been SO wonderful, but what i opted for was bringing the camera high over my head...and "guessing".  Actually, you would be surprised how great this can work! While this photos is not perfect and everyone is not lit...for who these people are and what they represent, they really dont' care! They love it anyways! Isn't that fab? :)

I think thatz pretty darn good for ONE light...and the poor 2nd light was not at a good angle to help!  (it was to the side for side lighting!) I told them to squiiiiiiiiish in and then "guessed" my way into this shot.  I love being creative - it just means we work with what we have and make something amazing out of it. :) 
Here is another of my favs of the nite!
This lovely couple (and friend) were having fun...and she did this move where it was like she was punching his beard...i told her to do it again...and this is what we got!  I LOVE IT and then i edited for more of a fun feel too. :)  (I love lightroom btw)
Here ya go!

and here is what happened after my preset was applied!  way fun!

Oh yes and ONE MORE THING to add to the fantastic nite!!!! Lenny's New Legs was performing....and the group had already joked about an album they came to my booth to say hi and "take a band photo".  What started up as a joke...really turned out great. :)  Especially with sparkles & snowflakes!  You be the judge...this is exactly what they were going for!  And, then i edited it with a lovely preset too. 


And then we have JENICE!!!!!!!!! Yet another photographer....who does amazing things...but when it comes to being in front of the camera........this is a different story!!!!!  However, I feel that her "backdrop" for the evening fit her more than sparkles or light fixtures. :)  It was a painting at It's a Grind! :)  Here is the results of HER photos. :)  I am posting TWO of them....the 2nd one is her fighting off all of her face! LOL :)
I love ya Jenice!

OH WAIT, I can't end it yet! I have to show you the ArtLoveMagic LOVE lollipop i also made as a prop...but was going to hang on the backdrop.  It works for what it was...and what it is.!!! A wire hanger with tinsel wrapped around it! :) Feel the love!!!!!!!!! :) Made for a great prop that nite. :)
Here you go:

Thank you ART LOVE MAGIC!!!!!!! It was a blast!
and thanks to everyone who came out & took pictures and enjoyed the event.  Look forward to more awesome things coming from ALM. :)

and their community events....(some free, some pay)

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