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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bring the LOVE! Bring the Sparkle!

It doesn't take the holiday season to light me up like a christmas tree! hahah!
I'm always so excited for any opportunity to take photos...that I just can't wait to get going on the photo booth tomorrow nite!  I've been working on the backdrop today...and really looking forward to setting it up.  I don't really have an "end picture" as to what it will look like, but i'm sure ready to find out!  This is the best part!  Putting dreams into action! YEA!!!!

The idea came to me as I was sitting in the coffee shop last Saturday.  I had hung 3 pieces of artwork...and talked about what i could or would bring to do the photos.  What have i done before? What has everyone ELSE done before? I hate copying people!  I actually dislike when ppl copy me too!  However, I'm trying to see that as a flattery...AND remembering that most everything done in photography has been done.  I just look at it this way...I'm doing it...without stealing someone else's idea purposely!  I think it is just a courtesy! :)  Itz ok to be inspired by others, but don't be a clone! :)  (just my thoughts!)

I'm so thankful for the sphere that God has given me.  It is something that can't be stolen by anyone...and no matter how much i would try to struggle and try and force things to happen, God is so good and kind to me that when I fail and mess up - he keeps my head on straight!  He knows the assignments he has for me...and they are not yours, they are mine.  I could be sent to Iowa ...and u are not. hahaha!  It has been a real struggle for me in the last few months to keep the faith, keep my head up and keep moving.  But I have moved past!  Accepting MY future is what I need. Not someone else's! :)  I'm so thankful to be created just as I could do what I'm meant to! 

I know that photography is only one aspect of my calling...there is so much more.

I can't wait to reveal the new website...the deeper meaning behind my passions!  I'm so excited for 2010.

I hope YOU are ready for it....because itz going to ROCK!

If you have not started following your dream, get a move on - it is waiting for you!!!!

Love Jen

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  1. great thoughts Jen! Loved reading them. :)
    -Elizabeth Erickson