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Monday, December 21, 2009

Giving back!

I've been through many rough spots in life....and because I have - I have the ability to reach out in some instances to give back to those going through struggles...and encourage them.

One of the ways I wanted to give back this year was with the Singles Parents in my life. I was involved for several years in a singles' ministry at my church and in that time I appreciated all the wonderful single mothers and dads I met over that time.

We can only guess their struggles unless you ARE a single parent. My mom was a single parent for a time...and I can't imagine the weight that comes with that both finanicially and emotionally!

This year my goal was to bless as many single parents as I could in a certain amount of time over the holidays knowing that most likely a lot of us would be struggling financially and a lot of things would be cut out of our lives, maybe even nice photos.

So, I was able to devote some time to this project and had a good response. I'm glad I could be there for the families and capture their smiles and more. Thank you for being there to recieve this blessing. Sometimes we don't accept blessings out of pride, but I have to say the receptiveness was great. I'm glad I could help!
Until next time, i'll see you! :)

Love Jen
Merry Christmas and Have a safe, prosperous new year!
Don't walk into 2010 with a 2009 attitude.
"That is so last season!" :)

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