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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

SPACE: The final frontier!

Most of you may or may not have known...I have spent most of 2009 volunteering my time at Space Studio and Hal Samples Gallery!  I have learned a lot about Deep Ellum, people there, working with others, solving problems, praying & talking to God more....and just BEING. 

It all started with Wire Bending with George Fowler...and led up to making a GIANT SQUID with Daniel Perez.  I've met some remarkable artists and have swept, mopped & shined over 2000 sq ft of hardwood floors. :)  I enjoyed working with the team there...and am sad to see the doors closing...HOWEVER, this does not mean the creative doors are closing. 

I know that wherever we artists go....our craft goes with us. :)  Wherever Hal & Cash go next....we will still get to share in the wonderment & amazement of his talent and treasure within! :) I'm thankful to have spent some great time up there and learned so much!

Thanks to all the folks of Deep Ellum and beyond.  Thanks to Hal, Stacey & Cash...for just being themselves and being passionate.  I have had a blast...and look forward to what 2010 holds for all of us!

Take care,
Love you!


PS The send off show for SPACE starts at 7pm tonite with several musical guests!  Robert Jones will be there releasing their new album (which has to be fantastic)...and of course, CASH will be there!

See you in SPACE!
2814 Main Street, Dallas TX
7pm til about 11pm.

Here are the tentacles of the giant squid........ah, the FUN we had!!!!!!

This painting was from the "4 the Love of Cash" fund raiser...she is a trooper!

Hal, the man himself.  Cash's Daddy, and Space Commander

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