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Friday, December 18, 2009

New Season....New Changes...and most....come from within!

I'm excited to be moving forward!
I can't tell you how blessed I feel to have amazing friends that I'm getting to know over lots of time.  I'm blessed by new friends...and just by awesome people who make a difference.

I'm in this somewhat difficult process of change & revamping & thinking.  I know it starts from within.  I have to VALUE myself before I can put value to what I do as a business.  It may be easier for those out there, but not me.  Coming from a place of lack of value...and having to re-think my value and come to ACCEPT my value...has been difficult.  I'm still meandering through the process!  :) 

What I am truly excited for is what will happen in my life in 2010.  I have only seen glimpses of what could be...but taking the steps from A to G is where i'm at!  I have to re-think and re-do almost everything!  Who am I?  What am I about?  What am I trying to say?  These are the questions I have to ask myself...being MORE than who I am...and communicating this effectively...AND simply. :)

I'm having a great day because I turned away a possible NEGATIVE path which would have had me moping or in tears saying "woe is me" or any other negative verbage I would have said about myself.  I had to stop myself and literally turn off the website I was looking at in order to change my attitude.  Change is going to become easier as I recognize it!  There is something about being AWARE of what we deal with.  When you are AWARE, you can call it out for what it is and move on in a positive manner.

Dear friends, If some of you have felt a little neglected or left out...please don't feel that way.  I have been focusing all my energies on some small projects AND mental work into my new website.  I cannot share this with most of you....because of my own reasons, however, when the time is right - I will share it with the whole world. Just know, you helped me get here. :)  Thank you!

Here I am with open hands, mind & heart to recieve instruction, wisdom, understanding and guidance.  2010 is going to mark a new year of change for me, growth, propserity, light and authority. :)
I encourage you, find your path.
and then, walk it.

Love Jen

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