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Sunday, February 20, 2011

A short preview of the wedding.....and great day!

The moment arrived for Jason & Carlisa....Saturday...........

I wanted to share quickly a moment I found wonderful....

a wonderful surprise tribute to the Grandparents that were not there in person...but in spirit...a wonderful tribute both in words and visuals....I captured a couple of moments to share a part of that with you. 

A moment between father and daughter...while watching the tribute...
A small glimpse into one of the many very wonderful!
Me and the bridesmaids - captured by Janz' camera!
A sneaky peek of my head during our traditional picture time! haha! picture by Janz' camera.
A huge thanks to all at Jason & Carlisa's wedding this weekend...I can truly say I was inspired by part of your story, your history (the tribute) and all the faces that were there to support you.  Big hugs to Candace and all of the Pea/Hamilton family.  We had a blast!  Look for more of your pictures, COMING SOON!!!!!

Much love,

Jen of Pink Light Images.

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