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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

One of my Weddings...ah-hem (ELOPEMENT) featured on a blog!

I was happy to hear that one of my awesome weddings, actually ELOPEMENT made it on a blog!!!!

It was the best day I've had this week for sure!  With maybe the exception of today, in talking with my April brides....whom inspire me in so many ways creatively. :)

I look forward to being featured more as my wedding business grows and I find my place in this industry.  I have a love for it...and was looking at MY pictures the other day - still wishing I had spent the extra cash on a creative wedding photographer, but what did I know?   This was 6 years ago, and I barely knew ANYTHING about photography....and here I am....................

I look forward to more developments in time progresses...and my giftings get more and more used!!!!

I look forward to sharing more when I can...meanwhile, herez a screen print of PART....of the blog............I couldn't get it all - and someday soon I'll show the whole thing, but for now...this is all you get! YAY

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