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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The anticipation of 2011!

I think this year just keeps getting better and better...

I'm finding some places around where I can spend my time and giftings of photography....not everything works with my calendar, but I tell you - I love it when it does! I hope to get to share something about the next 2 events I get to do...I'll probably write about them, since I might not get to use any of the pictures because of restrictions. :) All I can say is? ...I love helping others see their inner and outer beauty. So, I'm WAY excited. :)

I also woke up to see my work on a blog. I was really super happy to see that my patience is finally paying off...I am too too too excited about what is ahead for me in the wedding industry. :) I know I have a place, and it is just for me......

I launched my new name *PINK LIGHT IMAGES* on 2/1...and staying strong in the fun things that I'm planning...I'm finalizing the ART SHOW on 9.10.11 with a local gallery - and will be bringing in 30 volunteers to make this happen. I love collaborations. I can't wait to get this moving. :)

As for Valentine's Day? My sweetie hooked me up with some lovely flowers...
The bouquet he bought...was like 7 different flowers...and he knows that i love color...and i love variety! :)  I got a little of everything...just enough to enjoy their beauty...before the cat chomps on them! HAHAHA!!!!!!!!

Yall have a wonderful week!!!!

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