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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Maternity Art : for a creative couple.

I'm sure I posted a couple of images a while back for the Garcias...but there are a couple more I wanted to share because of the style and color I wanted to bring forth for them. :) 

She told me that the image of them reading the books was liked by a local business, and will probably be displayed on there.  How cool is that?  Their concept, and my camera.  We make great collaborations in this life. 

I'm thankful for opportunities that take me out of normal thinking and creating...sometimes we take a journey during a session...starting with ideas...and then watching how things unfold. :)  I take every opportunity like step back and see how things unfold.  I never know all the answers or have all the ideas...but somet things come AFTER to express what I'm thinking/feeling for the couple/jobs/clients. 

I hope that in some small smidgen, this also inspires you.

Created a painted feel here for the colors they bring as a couple, and soon a full family with baby on the way!
The concept by them, to portray a real-life scenario of parenthood.  I think it fits perfectly and tells the story of them both.  I was simply there to capture it and then I decided to enhance it to give a "page" like feel as if this was in a colorful book we were reading on them.

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