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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

DAY THREE - LA Dream Center Trip - "The Day Off"

Ok let me start by saying, we didddddn't really know we were getting the day off til we got there.  Like most on this trip we were geared for work and work and work til we DROP!  However that didn't happen!  So most of us were left with the decision to get up early for breakfast and get that done...and then decide (with whomever was leftover in the room) where we wanted to go and what we wanted to do.

Santa Monica beach ended up being the result of our decision!
Thankfully Neecie used her phone to guide us and make things happen.
And later on our drive, we found out there was a prank played on her while talking to her Siri, her name had been changed to "hot stuff".  :)  It was the FUNNIEST thing!!!!! :)  Like I said, we laughed a lot on this trip!

We made it out there just fine with our wonderful driver Brandon.  Can't thank him enough!!!!

Our lovely driving adventures took us to the Santa Monica Pier....where we would get dropped off and enjoy some time just walking around....see the pier and explore. :)  What a GREAT relaxing stroll it was!!!!!
Notice how GLOOMY it looks???? Cause every single day we were there it was super cloudy and smoggy in the morning, but after lunch it would brighten up...and warm up a little more so you could enjoy the warmth without all the jackets! :)  It was pretty weather, but I know that Cali is not home for me....I love the heat. :)  I like being WARM!!!! :)
I had a fish burger at the pier place....I forget the name...and Rae and I walked around a lot after our checkin point.  There was kinda this mall-ish shopping area that had lots of stores, but nothing I was super interested in.  I was hoping to find that "hole in the wall" place like a vintage store, but the nearest ones were a bit out of reach according to the map. :)

As we were leaving the pier, when we decided to cross the street...I noticed that instead of beeps for the sight-impaired - there was a voice that kept saying WAIT!!! WAIT!!! WAIT!!! and I was totally amused by that because it sounded like a person actually standing there, telling you to WAIT.  :)  Here is the video I took towards the end of our journey.

Thanks to Rae for bearing with me to go back to the ORIGINAL crosswalk!  I lost track of how much we walked, but we were TIRED!!!!   Just as we were about to "break" was our meetup time for the next adventure.  I asked if they could drop me off at my cousin's house to see family since they were having a BBQ at their house, only 6 miles away. :)  It was decided! They could drop me off, and then come back and get me.  I was SO thankful, you don't even know!!!!! :) (and then a bird pooped on my shoulder!)

So I made it to Jodi's...and had a blast catching up and realized oh yea, my cousin Dave was there too!  I really didn't have a clue that he had moved there and had to do a double take. :)  Met Jodi's fiance too, and it was allllll good! :)  By then, the sun came out.  OF COURSE>

My cousins!!!! (from South Dakota)
I was beamingly thankful for the dropoff and pickup!  I just didn't have much transportation options while there.  Was totally unfamiliar with everything! HAHAAH!!!!!

After our adventures....we headed back to the dream center area to kill some time. :)  Again. :)
I'm pretty sure we had dinner at the Dream Center...i think...they were only serving 2 meals...
and then we saw some great sights while the WHOLE city was celebrating the 4th of july.  Seriously - it was like a christmas tree!!!!
 Instead of pictures, I took LOTS of is the one where the fireworks hit us on the balcony!!!!!

at 1:15 - it flies up to us and hits her! And sparks fly across my cam. :)

Here is the view we had at the Center of the whole cityscape.  it was actually AMAZING to witness the unity of celebration of this day.  I was in AWE of seeing the CITY light up.  Most of the times here in DFW we don't get to set anything off - but everyone everywhere was setting off lights and roman candles and their own fireworks.  It was surreal. :)  Thank you LA. :)

Happy Fourth of July and Independence Day!

I also forgot to between our "break" time....a bird pooped on me....but i didn't get the photo evidence, til JUST NOW!!!!! lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right before I went to my cousin's house....herez the shot. :)
 Thanks LISA, for this picture.

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