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Monday, July 23, 2012

DAY Four : LA Dream Center, cleaning, working, Rainbows, and food trucks.

Day 4 turned out pretty cool!  After the serious down time, I think all of us were ready to get on the move to serve the Dream Center and all involved.  After our LOVELY breakfast...some of us had chosen to do "Discipleship"...of which we had no idea what that meant!  Others were making phone calls...and some others were doing kid stuff I think. :)  (I brought out itinerary home so I could not forget)

Breakfast was again, fabulous...and we met on campus to see where we would be assigned.  About 7 people were assigned to Adopt a Block...and the rest of us were assigned to clean and prep the church building for the service that nite.  Indoors/Outdoors cleaning.  I never thought I would jump at the chance to get in some hard labor and, was the day! HAH!!!

We were assigned the breezeways and concrete sidewalks!  Cleaning up 4th of July goodies.
Lisa REALLY enjoyed this! :) 
We did have some fun bleaching the stairs...sweeping up stuff...and eventually did a lil scrub a dub on the city sidewalks to clean a bit. :)  We also ran through the parking garage to pick up garbage.  The most interesting piece we found was a LICENSE PLATE? hahaha!!!  Very funny.

We made it back to the dream center for lunch after our big cleaning adventure...and i'm fairly sure we might have eaten there.  My memories of each day are fading, and I'm not even sure if i wrote down every detail of this day.  But hold on, itz about to get great! :)

We had some more down time in between events...and we made it to the thrift store I had been desiring to go to!!!! But really, I need to make that a post of itz own....DAY FOUR: rainbows find me. :)  I'll post THAT next. :) 

The next part of our day was neighborhood food truck!!! We took loads of donated groceries to a part of a neighborhood where people lined up to receive food.  It was very well done and pretty coordinated actually.  There was a list of numbers...people stood in line...and we bagged groceries and unloaded  the truck.  I was able to grab only a few pictures of to respect everyone's privacy.

I gotta say this took me back to the days of serving up in Canada at the church...when we had the food bank access for families in need. :)  Sometimes you just need a little bit to make it to the next day. :)  I bagged up cucumbers like crazee...(that first pallette there)...and had a blast working with these teams. :)

After our 2nd mission of the day....we had a bit of down time before church service.  We walked over there and I finally got to wear my rainbow-ish skirt and wear my purse that I had grabbed from the store.  The service was great with EVERY thursday being a guest speaker:
I shared with Kendall the story of my rainbow find and how God speaks to me and shares things with me.  I know that in places all over, I was able to be myself....and just be real.

After service, we went to the Brite Spot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was yummy yummy.  It is on the way back to the dream it was only fitting.

 Oh, the yummy that came from that wonderful nite. :)  We had a blast laughing, talking, sharing and really sharing the love. :)
So ended another day....

I think really this day, I was so appreciative that I could serve with my arms, legs, heart and soul.  I was able to fully express everything all day both in words and NONverbal communications of love.  They were truly ACTS of love that I could give those that could see, could SEE. :)  Sometimes, it is not about what we say, but what we DO.  For that, I'm thankful.

DAY FOUR: part 2 next. :)

for 7.22.12
-forgiveness, and being set is a process.
-my hubby bearing through Rock of Ages at the $1 theater tonite. I could not help but sing all the songs that i never had records/tapes to. :)
-maturity - it is something I aim that with people or with God. I am thankful I can see and hear and better assess things in life.
-jackets: they are there to save me from AC in texas heat. :)
-peppers: the smell of smoked peppers in the kitchen is heaven....truly.

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