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Thursday, July 12, 2012

DAY TWO - LA Dream Center! :)

So, we have COME to day two! I figured since I'm at a semi-stopping point tonite.  I would write a little about day two here.

Here is a little glimpse of the dorm rooms that you are assigned.  We had a total of about 17 girls in one large section, 1 small section and ONE bathroom.  The bunk beds are really quite nice and most of the mattresses are pretty decent.  There were only some minor switcharoos going on.  I began to miss a MIRROR at this point...the bathroom had a tiny one behind the door...and a window going outdoors which always let in great natural light. :)

a look at the Short Term missions room (with bathroom)
Larger section of room - lots of bunks!
Our little room/group was assigned Project Prevention as our morning assignment! Where we go into families' homes and deliver donated food/supplies to help them keep their children. It was the basic needs of these items that keeps their children from being taken into foster care. We had 3 deliveries to make....
Prepping for Project Prevention.  Sorted and bagged food to deliver.

I obviously did NOT take pictures while on site with the families.  But took pictures of our journey of prep and driving.  The first 2 deliveries were great.  The first lady told her story about how provision just keeps a coming...and how she is off the streets...and having to fight some battles to stay in the home she is at.  While we were there, her stove was getting fixed...and many struggles with THAT as well!  She was a trip...and I wish her all the best and pray that God continues to provide for her and her kids!!!!  The 2nd delivery - the lady spoke only spanish.  Thankfully, we did have a wonderful lady with us that understood (not just the dream center girl, but one of our team)...and when we prayed for her as we were leaving - I felt connected in just that every one of us came for a SPECIFIC purpose.
The truck that makes it all happen!
This is painted on the back.  I thought to myself, we REALLY are in action here. 
The *Action* crew from this morning's Project Prevention.
However, as in most life circumstances...the 3rd family did not show up.  I love that the Center has some ground rules in place for those that may or may not abuse the system.  Because their radius is roughly 5 miles, this family tends to meet them offsite somewhere to pick up.  However, with no phone calls - we had to leave without the delivery being made.  It was unfortunate. :(  It is a repeat pattern, I'm sure often seen.  Basically - if you are really in need, you DO make it happen.  They have a 3-strike system.  I do believe in most cases boundaries are so healthy.  I pray that God also provides for them as well as reveals what needs to be revealed in their lives.

AFTER our busy busy morning, we had lunch at King Tacossss! On the way back, we were just barely a few minutes from we hopped on over....and I forgot to get a picture of the sign...but herez the jukebox...and other signs!!!!
OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH yea. Lunch was amazzzzzzing.  I didn't come prepared - so I did a borrow/payback move from one of the team-mates.  Just one of those times that I didn't think I would need anything-u know? :)  Thank you God. :)
So, we had to HURRY back for our 1pm meetup for our next assignment!!!!


I took the role of window washer! It seemed the most fun really.  Others took the lemonade stand...and others took the lollipop giveouts!  At one point, we also gave out waters too.   I had forgotten to take pictures at the beginning because I was having too much fun washing windows and cleaning the smog off. :)  But, towards the end here - we washed this shuttle bus. OH YES.
This guy was HILARIOUS! used the bullhorn a lot of the time, cracked us up!!!!

I dunno, seemed super fitting for me...and we were done super early too.  We still had a lot of time before "bedtime" per say.  I really felt great after, and talked to this fabulous girl at the bus stop who had a giant black mohawk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After our walk back....I think we waited for our "dinner time"...and some of us decided it was going to be a GET OUT kind of nite because of all the down time!!!!!!

The families were heading out to Hollywood Blvd and potentially the Observatory. So, yes I headed out too!  I was definitely wanting to see the theater where all the signings and hands/feetprints are.  That was totally a bonus for me as I was just going along for the ride. ;) So here is the highlights:

We stopped at Baja Fresh for dinner.............where you had to use a token to get in the bathroom.
After we did our little "tour" of the grounds....and on the way back towards the car area...we noticed that up the stairs you could see the Hollywood sign! So we ran up the stairs and go see it.  This pretty much was the only time we saw it. it was.

After that...we felt ALMOST done...and tried to think of something else to do.....
then, we remembered OH YEA the observatory! Itz freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
So I don't have a lot to share for that picture wise - but I can tell you it is worth staying a little longer to explore. LOL!!! We stayed, but before we knew it was closing in 30 minutes.  :)  We drove up the hill, couldn't find parking and then drove back down...and parked on the wrong side of the road near the bottom of that first hill.  GOOD TIMESSSSSSSSSS!
Thus ends DAY TWO.  This is a long long long long post. :)

I'll post picture albums soon, it gives a clearer picture of each day.

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