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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

DAY FOUR: Rainbows, the whole story. LA Dream Center (7/5/12)

So it seems that day 4 was the time I got to actually walk into the store and find out for myself if there was a rainbow to find me in L.A.  But, let me back up a little bit! 

When I was shopping in dallas near the former location of the Wit Gallery...I stumbled upon a sidewalk sale.  And in that rack of clothing on the street, I found a rainbow.  Actually, I like to think now....the rainbow found me.  I actually had that kind of shock and awe moment because I thought to, SOMEONE out there made this dress????? 
 This dress is pretty comfy, I put the shape into it...because itz pretty boxy and I sometimes call it "the coat of many colors" type of dress. ;)  It is definitely home-made.  I am still not sure where this came from...but someone out there knows. :)  The guy that sold it to me said even HE walked around in it one day....
So, that being said.....this all seemed to really start in dallas.

A little while later....when visiting family in San Angelo....I love swinging into thrift/vintage stores.  Well, just so happens there is one near my Grandma's we all went.  I thought to myself..."God, is there a rainbow here? if so, let me find it!"....and then I looked....and looked....I found a cute dress...and then bam, there it was in the back....a rainbow racerback shirt. :)  Perfect for summertime. :)  Perfect fit too.  You have probably seen me wear this!!!!
Yes, so this was found in San Angelo.  We found each other.

AND last summer... I was in New York City....and stopped at Screaming Mimi's for myself for about 30 minutes....right before they closed.  I scoured the entire store as fast as possible and found nothing that jumped out on the bottom floor....but they do have a secret 2nd floor I ran up there...and shopped.  And guess what I found?  Yes...that is right.  A DRESS.  I found that when I put it like fit almost PERFECTLY.  That does not happen often...being that I'm a curvier size 10 most days in today's current sizing! LOL :)  I have to was a match made in heaven.
Are you seeing a trend here??????

I've had a couple of other finds before LA...but these pictures are the most accessible...and this is the first time I've shared all this publicly in my blog.  But because I feel that this is special to can see a bit more of who I am...and how I find things and communicate with God.  Yes, I know materials things are just that....and I LOVE that he communicates with me through them.  It is like a treasure hunt...and in the end, I know that "I" am the true treasure.  Finding myself was the best thing I've ever found. :) 

So moving forward to LA......

On Sunday, my new friend Rae had said they drove past this store called "Out of the Closet"....and I was like  NO WAY, there are BOUND to be rainbows there!!!!!  I mean, really - I almost am fully expecting rainbows to show up now.  So I had heard about it on Sunday...but didn't get to go to it yet. 

Then one of our free moments before Thursday...we had actually STOPPED in front of the store...and I thought the driver had heard me say I wanted to stop for a few minutes AT the store...but he didn't hear me...and we prayed and kept on driving.  I didn't speak up to say anything...and just let us go on about our business.  I looked out the window and said OH MY GOSH! We are here! It does exists!!!!  But then we pulled off...and in the back of my mind I was thinking, gee I need to make this happen.  It is going to bother me til I get in there and shop and find that rainbow! LOL :)

So when Thursday arrived....when our down time started...I asked for a few minutes stop at Out of the Closet so I could find the rainbow.  By this time, I've shared this with my van-mates...and how God works and talks to me like that.  We stopped, and I put like a quarter in the meter and went in.

I walked in thinking....YOU KNOW WHAT let me try something different....I asked the clerk if he had any rainbows stuff...and he said "I don't think so, but feel free to look around"....I thought it might be quicker if I just asked...but I still had to go and do the work, even in asking. 

I looked throughout the WHOLE store....and every rack....(except for the back for household items)....I came up with nothing.  I was thinking to myself...there HAS to be a rainbow here.  I went back towards the front again where there were hats....I looked through the hats and accessories and found a yarn knitted hat in RAINBOW...but after staring at it...I thought to myself, realistically - I live in dallas...I would not use it.  :)  So after finding it piled underneath, I put it on top...and kept looking.

I made my way over again to the sale rack up front still hoping to find a piece of clothing.  But then, I glanced over at the small wall of purses....and noticed that inside this big open black purse...there was a little crocheted purse!
Yea can you say SUCCESS???? I blurted out ....I FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I run up to the cashier after one of the FASTEST spreed I've had in a long time....and said I found it, I found the rainbow. :)  He casually asked "Can i ask what it is about the rainbows? Whatz the deal?"....I told him, it is how God and me communicate.  Everywhere I keep going...I'm finding rainbows. :)  This purse was only $1....but I gave him $5 for it....and said THANK YOU SO MUCH. 

It just made my day so that I could share how much I love...just being alive and sharing love with others. 

I learned something very interesting too....

First I "heard" about the store.
Then I "saw" the store.
Then I "walked in" to it. 

The process was important for me to see.  Sometimes we don't get to do things RIGHT AWAY in our lives....sometimes we really have to hear about it first....and be still for a while, think about it...and then when we SEE IT, then we get REALLY excited because we know it is real....and then when we actually get to partake and go ENJOY it....we see the fullness of the PURPOSE of the whole process.  I tell you, I did almost give up....because it was a challenge to sometimes *ask*.

How many times have we missed something important, because we simply didn't ask? :)

I hope you were inspired to have your OWN adventure....

write about it, then share. :)

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