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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

DAY ONE - L.A. Dream Center

I have to tell you - this was a fun fun trip and very eye-opening in a lot of ways.
Our flight was great, on time and super duper!!!!

I didn't really know a single person going, except that a friend from FLC her mom and sister were on the trip.  So I knew they were there, but didn't really know anyone!  I knew immediately that these folks seemed easy-going, ready and EAGER to serve and ready to see what God would do on this trip.

While getting off the plane it was fun to see the LAX airport...and when we got to baggage I realized that I recognized someone!  It was an actor from the Blue Man production I had seen earlier in the week!   I thought this had to be a joke, how in the world!!??!!!!  I walk up and had a nice convo with him and wished him well on his adventures!  It was the coolest thing to start my trip off with a person I definitely creatively respect and admire!!!
This was him, Friday nite at the show!  I was in 3rd level balcony at Bass Hall.
After my geek fest, we waited around for our rental cars and vans so we could load all of our baggage!  It was kinda cool though - the BREEZE in la was so cool and NOT HOT.  I had purposely packed everything in strict adherence to the dress code so a lot of my clothing was various t-shirts and things like that.  I wore my Nicaragua shirt the first day so I could honor my other trip in which I was on with Element back in 2008.  This trip maybe had a total of 20+ people all together?  a grand total of maybe 30?  I don't remember. :)  So as we were loading in.....THIS happened:
Yes, she hopped in the van from the rear doors :)
Yes she climbed in from the back window LOL!!!!!

Pastor giving us the pep talk about the dream center excitement AND the cafeteria food. LOL!!!!
After all this, we were OFF to the dream center to get our orientation tour!
The first views of the city were quite cool !  This was only my 2nd time to california - so I had a few ideas of things to expect!  I would probably be a tad chilly....I guess really that was my only expectation!  The rest of this - I had NO IDEA what was going to happen.  I literally showed up with a smile and a sense of humor.

After we arrived we were given our tour, but I didn't know he was taking us to the ROOF of the Dream I didn't have anything with me as far as to take I just took in the view - and we took pictures later AFTER we learned about all the programs the Dream Center offers and where everything was.  The STM groups have the 6th floor and you have to walk down and then back up into your hallways to go to your rooms!  We started with about 17 or so girls in our room!  Girls in one, Guys in another room.  We had bunk beds (amazing ones actually) and for those that were a tad shorter in proved to be difficult on some days! :(
A look dowards from our balcony on the stairs!
This is from our balcony on the stairs looking towards the main "black top" parking and cafeteria
First little group pic! katy, Rae and me!
Sunset on the first day.
Just so u remember, we are in California. :)
The first day, after our orientation - we had a TON of down time.  I really didn't know what to do.  I was ready to GO and serve...and I wasn't able to get a visit from my friend that lived I was kinda just wandering around...and some others went to a baseball game and had some fun!!! It was super great...and we clocked in for the nite...

The things that STM'ers get:  bed, 1 sheet, 1 pillow/pillowcase, 1 blanket, 1 towel.  More than enough for us we found out.  But we also found out - that 17 girls to ONE bathroom proved a bit challenging since we picked the "small" room with the bathroom.  We had the door open and close all day and well as lines forming!  Little did we know - the shower room had one, and the lounge had one.  PRAISE GOD!

DAY TWO coming soon.

Thanks to LISA for this great slideshow of all our images together!

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