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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Standing on your own pedastal!

I've come to realize there is a part of my heart that had been locked away....
I had not "fed" it in a long time.
The Blue Man Group usually awaken that part of my heart of sillyness, dancing, loud tribal drumming music, visual eye candy....and so much more.

I realize that I still have many dreams inside locked up that are being unlocked.
I know desires and passions are put there for a reason AND a season.
I was on my way home yesterday just thanking God for the opportunities to watch Him work in my life...and seeing how I can benefit from being on this earth, just by being who i am, FREE to share his love with whomever crosses my path.

I also realize - I have to be myself and I have to move whenever God says move.  I know that I've held onto many offenses and hurts in my life....and sitting here staring at this computer screen reminds me of those sores I have.  I think it is better to walk away and be healed, so that I can be healthy again - rather than focus on those negatives that hold me back.  So here I am, walking away from the hurts/pains/ of these situations...bringing myself into a new light...where the darkness can flee forever.

I love my Blue Man friends dearly.  To re-connect with them at a show was the world to me.  That inner part of my heart was beaming, blushing and just that CONNECTION you can have with others is amazing.  I know for me, it has always been deeper than just a show, but really loving people right where they are....for who they are...not what they can do for me...HELPING THEM be all they can be.

I give you the *pedastals*.
This image was inspired by another image of the blue men standing on a rooftop...each standing on their own individual elevators.  These are our elevators.  They ELEVATE us.  I'm ready for this next phase of elevation.  Actually, to be more specific - I'm now enjoying the PROCESS of elevation.  It is taking me places I wouldn't have guessed...and definitely putting me in the path of people (blue included) that I did not expect.

Why would I not share?

Thank you for all your support.

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