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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Artistic Connectiveness.

What I've been going through lately is an awareness of my disconnect.
I was moving & shaking along  for 2 years without any inkling of the Blue Man in my life.  No music, No thoughts, No visual stimulations.  I own their dvds and own their cds, but I did not listen to any of it.  I figured the more I deprived myself, the MORE I would appreciate them when/if they came back.

I know this to be true.  The connection was as if it never left...I was immediately awakened to the things I had missed, the senses that needed to be touched by the very hand of God in my life using them.  I missed that connectiveness I had with their productions and even more, the fans I had grown to love from afar.

Tonite I'll be at the show.
Thursday I'll be at the show.

If you have never seen their show ever, take advantage of this CREATIVE opportunity!
They are at the ATTPAC.ORG - go get some tickets that range anywhere from $25-$150. 

Get connected. Go deeper.  Be the LOVE you are seeking. :)

from last week!!!!

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