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Thursday, September 23, 2010

I decided to create....on 9/22. :)

I decided to create last nite and took myself on a journey of images and light. These have no names or themes, but color and light are 2 of my favorite things to work with. There is ONE main image I used repeatedly - and the others are in there as parts as well. I believe I used up to 3 of my photographs in this. Yes, these are digital PHOTOGRAPHS turned into art. :) created by Rarmai Photography 9/22/2010.

I already have a request from a bride that I make one for her out of her bridal images.  Hey, I'm all for that!
Yes the face is me...and I see this as a "sword" of light.
With swirls of color.

I am the tool God uses to paint the world with. :)
PS sorry about the quality - the compression on FACEBOOK usually trashes it out. :)

You can see the gallery here:
under "ART and Photography for Sale".

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