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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

GRAND OPENING at the Arts Apartments in Dallas TX

Hey all,
I hadn't gotten much of a chance to share what is happening with me later this here goes!

Along with the Green Bandana Project and some of my friends here in DFW - we are opening up to a unique ARTS experience at the ARTS Apartments on Ross Ave. :)

You are welcome to come out and celebrate with us, matter of fact, WE WANT YOU TO! :)

:::I N F O:::
This FRIDAY, July 30th starting at 7pm.
Sherry, Conor and I will be in apartment 6050  
(showing our work). 

Where:  The Arts Apartments : The ARTS Apartments Website
The Green Bandana Project is what happens when business, non-profits, and creatives work together.
When individuals are willing to put ego aside and let everyone do what they are best at.
The Green Bandana Project is about giving people chances, showcasing new talent, and making the art viewing experience as accessible and fun as possible.
It is over 9000 sq ft of art space, 39 artists, 2 courtyard reception areas, several amazing bands and DJs, a couple of great causes, and amazing hors d'oeuvres provided by the restaurants at One Arts Plaza
It is our gift to you. A monthly refresher for the soul.
Please RSVP to:
Dress Code: Summer Chic

For prep for the show: I was also interviewed (along with many others) about the up & coming ARTS scene happenings.  I had a BLAST and it was a unique interview to say the least.  (and the most)
I hope you enjoy what is coming for the ARTS community of Dallas & Fort Worth.  We are making things happen and living the dream. :)

To see the full interview:

I hope you enjoy what is coming for the rest of 2010!
I created a special customized piece for the apartments inspired BY the complex.  I'm so excited to see it this week and hang it up for all to see this weekend. :) 

If you or someone you know would like to sponsor me in the many projects coming up: 
contact me at

Thank you!

Jen Sulak
Photographer, Creator


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