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Friday, July 2, 2010

An exercise from Sherlock Marketing: (thank you Nathon)

An exercise posted by Sherlock Marketing (on Facebook) :) 
Thanks Nathon!

So I answered the questions...
What do I know, like and trust about myself?
Me = Jen / rarmai photography.... 

I know that I......................
• I know that I am able to listen, hear and execute the dreams of my clients.
• I know that I have a creative eye that is only mine and that my best work happens when I go with my gut feelings on a job....
• I know that I have to keep learning and challenging myself in my creative gifts and talents.
• I know that without help I can’t do everything! I am thankful for my current supporters and my future team-mates & supporters to help make Rarmai & my life great!

I like myself because...........

• I like myself because my main motivation is to help others and please them!
• I like myself because of my ability to be flexible while still plan out ideas & concepts. I believe that there is a great balance of both in my life.
• I like myself because I’m not afraid of failure and mistakes, though I do my best to prevent them from happening all the time. I’m not afraid to learn through them and improve BECAUSE of them.
• I like myself because when I want to make something happen, I make it happen. When all the worlds collide with passion, vision and TIMING – the results are amazing to me.
• I like myself because I am living in my purpose, I’m not just “doing work” or “shooting photos”. I’m truly living a small portion of what I was created to do. I can’t wait to see MORE of what my life holds.

I trust myself to.........................
• I trust myself to come from a heart-felt motivation to help others with their vision & purpose.
• I trust myself to stay true to who I am, what I create and how I can make a difference with my gifts & talents.
• I trust myself to move forward and never give up!

Thanks to Nathon Hay for posting that on his FB page.  I need to start really wording things out more...there is something about writing your vision, mission & passion down!!!!

This is why the say....ALWAYS...........have a vision & mission statement for your business!
(and sometimes, yes for your life)


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