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Monday, August 22, 2011

Something special.

Ok! whether YOU realize it or not...I am hard on myself when it comes to photography...AND sometimes i have expectations of situations - that in most times - they turn out different. :)

CASE IN POINT:  newborns!!!! (and bebes)
I do love taking the time to capture newborns in their environments.  Some would say, I'm a less "proppy" person.  I am a fan of the lovely pictures that folks take of babies in baskets, blankets and goodies like that.  IF the parents want that.  But that is not my first choice.  I tend to take their environment and capture that.  If we get really lucky - we get to do both.

In the handfuls of newborns I have gotten to shoot, I realize just how somewhat difficult it can be.  Cause most times, I either screw up on my part (for lighting, posing) or the babies are just fussy.  I once had a session where the baby would feed and feed and then cry immediately.  He did this for 30 minutes, which turned my 30 minute session into an hour.  BUT I did get that ONE amazing shot that we waited patiently for.

I "worked" for about 45 minutes to get this! lol :)  After the fussyness left, we got this amazing face right before he started getting "sleepy face" - where he wasn't asleep, but his eyes were open and you could see the sleep!!!!
2 Months Old.

With this most recent session, I had hoped for well-rested, well-fed and full happy sleepy baby!
I did get that, but not during the session most times.

To troubleshoot the fussy-ness - I opted to let him just keep laying on his she could give the comfort he needed while we tried to get some pictures.  I kinda joked..."sometimes the BEST prop is the mom".  I've had this happen several times throughout my career.  There is just something about a sweet calm baby on their mommy! (and daddy too!)  I will walk you through some things I've done....
I just let him lay on his mom - and this was the result! - 1 Month Old

In RARE cases - namely when I have friends that have really really tiny babies....I am able to swing over and visit them.  Mind you, this was my first time in a really really long time to see someone in the hospital!  AND I had tricky lighting!  The baby was not fussy, but in trying to capture that environment- i really wanted to capture this face and in the picture you see the lines & curves of the mom.  One of my favorite images!
Using the mom again, as a backdrop - I get the cuddling and pucker of the 2 day old face!
AND like this picture below - sometimes it is wonderful to have MOST of mom in the picture too!  Especially if the colors are amazing and her look is astonishingly gorgeous.  This is my sister-in-law and my nephew.  Even though he is looking down - I'm simply showing the backdrop (and less proppy) ways to capture various babies of all kinds, no matter the temperament!  You have to just "go with the flow"....
letting mom be a gorgeous background - 4 Months Old

I hope you are all having a wonderful week!  And to all the moms out there! Enjoy your babies!


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