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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New York City, I owe you one more day.

I always leave there wanting more.  The last evening I was there was wonderful.  I made an emergency LAST MINUTE stop at Screaming Mimi's...and a last minute emergency stop to Blue Man @ the Astor.  In honor of my times going home...I stopped in to see the show one last time before leaving tuesday.  Ah, there is such a difference when you are seeing a fan show v. a regular show.  How I love both.  I love the over the top energy (minus the clapping during music)...of a fan meet show....and the stillness and wide-eyed fancy I get watching them by "myself" to embrace what is so blue that I love.  I love it all really.  I think if they were here in dallas i would spoil myself too much.  Thankfully, they are far away - and are a great delicacy to me...and a treasure beyond words.

15 years ago I stepped into this "off-broadway" show called Blue Man Group...that planted a seed...a seed that helped me to blossom into the artist i am...and into meeting the coolest people on earth that I can share random acts of blue man, and more futuristicly - wiggling. :)

Would you like to see videos? :) 

First, we start with pictures.

one person i've known since 2001....several since 2002.....2003....and on and on it goes.  Some people i met for the first time...and still didn't get to meet EVERYONE.  Much love to you all.  You are always in my hearts. 
some of us "older" fans from the BMMB - i met most of these folks in 2001 and on. 
To see what all I did in NYC - you can visit my album at - VACATION.
but really, is it a vacation if you run yourself tired? LOL!

I think it was amazing. and I honestly owe NYC one more day. 
I will go back sometime soon and do a few things that I had on my list, that I forgot to do. :)

I <3 NYC.

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