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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Here is my NYC highlight reel.

day 1 - i meet a little girl, and i mean YOUNG girl...with PINK HAIR! on top of the Empire State Building!!!!!
DAY 2 - In between our moments of Paul Mole & Central Park....we meet my friend, the designer around Astor Place...before we head to the "Too Much Light" show!  GRAND!
DAY 3 - shenanigans at the Brooklyn Ice Cream factory leads us to a ferry, that leads us to the fan meet evening, where I finally have more than 2 words to say to Chris Wink, after he (and all involved)  came to Dallas and made BMG happen for us down here on the Complex Tour.  I can't tell you the BMMB threads that were started BEGGING for 3 years for them to come.  This is me and the blue man.  And, so true - a founder of wiggling.
DAY 4 - after a quick stop at the Top of the Rock (fabulous view!) - we head over to lunch and then WICKED the musical with Aunt Mary.  A good time was had by all, remember - this is only a highlight.  After that? We went to Brooklyn again, this time Kingston Throop stop.  Holla at me yo.
DAY 5 - We start our journey to Liberty Island and Ellis Island - (i've never done both in one swoop)...Justin ended up finding some of his family in the manifests...while we explored the air conditioned pedastal tour AND inside the main building of Ellis.  It was a hot one.  And here I am, picking her nose.
DAY 6-  our tour ended with a quick walk down Wall Street to finally stop at Tiffany's jewelry store...and marvel at the bling bling and enjoying our final moments here.  Lovely day.  And this is me.

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