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Thursday, August 5, 2010


I have been spending a week kinda nitpicking some things I do in my business...and one thing I need to put to the forefront when I speak now, is the VALUE.  I'm not talking about PRICE now, I'm talking about VALUE.  As a person, creative spirit, full of life and passionate - I simply have VALUE.  My work has value to me.  I invest my emotion & heart into every session and every event.  I am forever connected even to work that may be sub-standard because a piece of me is in each piece.  You could also say the peace in me, is in each piece.

I'm not really a writer or a teacher, but I do it as forms of expressions of my heart to SHARE.

I value YOUR time and who you are too.  There are days when I'm running late for things that I had every intention being on time for, but when I run late (and I could have prevented it)...I am sometimes communicating that I don't care.  Or maybe you would have percieved it that way.  Hey, I too have felt that way!  When someone takes the time out of their day to meet you or do a shoot with you - that time IS valuable! :) 

As I'm talking to potential customers I get the feeling that my heart about my VALUE is not coming across as well as it could be.  I already know I'm an amazing person, with an amazing gift to share & create images.  I sometimes let them speak for themselves.  I'm also amazingly flawed, which in itself is something I appreciate.  Never have been perfect and never will be! :)  That is the beauty of it. 

I love what I do as a photographer.  Capturing the moments in lives that happened either by setup or real moments.  I prefer the real moments because if you are emotional like me - you connect an EMOTION with that moment.  You know, when the groom first sees his bride in the aisle....or when the bride gets fed up with her dress and kicks it around will walking.  When babies connect with their moms and dads.  You can't imitate that!  You remember those moments vividly in photographs. :) 

I am valuable as a service provider.  I believe I shed some light into the darkness in this world.  I believe I have been given gifts & talents to USE  together with YOU, my potential client - we make things happen.  We make dreams come true.   So, letz meet up and talk about your dreams/visions for your event or photos you desire.  Let's make this HAPPEN. :)

Looking forward to the rest of 2010.

Where vision/provision/destiny turns into CONVERGENCE.

To where my dreams, to help you with your dreams...while living my dream...becomes a consistent way of life. :) 


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