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Thursday, August 26, 2010


I was having a really great conversation yesterday with a fellow photographer friend...and we were talking about feedback on our work and our services.  We noticed that a lot of times we don't get any.  Maybe a "thank you"...or "i really liked it or loved it".  But a lot of us don't take the time to really be detailed in how we feel about a service or product to type up an email to express this to someone.

I know this can apply to everyone's lives...and in all forms.  Be it ANY customer service areas of life.  I know quite a few of us simply want to hear from you what we are doing right...rather than what we are doing wrong.  (even though constructive criticism is AWESOME).  What do you think?  What have you expressed lately to those that have touched your lives?  Has a friend been amazing to you?  Maybe some random acts of kindness and kind words should be a habit in our daily lives too.

As many negative things we think & say...we should also apply the positive thoughts & words to our lives.  I can guarantee you - there are quite a few people looking to HEAR from you.  No, not a text or email (though, can be great tools)...give someone a call - meet up for lunch - tell them how much you appreciate them!

To my clients: If you have any testimonials to share with how I have helped you, your business, your family with my photography - please let me know.  It is not that often I get detailed expressive responses - though I do appreciate those of you that have taken the time to thank me and say what you love! :)  I'm here to serve you...and express my heartfelt THANKS to all of you I have worked with.  Thank you for letting me share some of your world! :)

I hope you all have a great week!  I'm about to see what Austin is about if you are in Austin and would like to do a fun photo shoot - let me know. :)

Peace out, have fun.
Take pictures.


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