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Friday, August 13, 2010

On the journey to the FUTURE!

I like when I get to places that just make sense.  Where ideas, thoughts & heart all line up!  I will be doing some major thinking & writing in the next few weeks to figure out some next steps in my life and in the business.  One of the MAIN words I find to be a truth is FOCUS.  When you get focused into something, there is power in that.  My problem has been staying focused OR finding something to really focus on.  I can be really "ok" at lots of things - but can pick a few things to be really GREAT at.  I find that the artist inside keeps calling out...and I know there is a place for me out I'm going to find it and walk right to it. 

I think before I know it, I'll be there.  For all I know - I'm a call away - a text away - a tippy-toe away from an explosion of a huge dream that will be fulfilled soon. 

One question I was asked last year..."but aren't you already there?"...

Well, yes and no.  There are ton of little dreams that have been fulfilled.  You know simple ones.  Ones that I've made happen.  The next level for me involves the bigger dreams hiding in here.  A greater purpose that has yet to be seen.  It is like the layers of onions...not only am I being peeled back to expose a brighter me...but also my life is starting to represent a freedom that I didn't have 5 years ago.  Sometimes we have to walk the path of the so-so before we really start finding that consistent passion in what we love. 

How do we find what we love?  That too, is a journey.  As a photographer and artist...there are a GAZILLION ways to go in this.  There are ton of different specialties to move towards.  This is why I've spent time doing a little of everything!  I really haven't known what I wanted to focus on...until now.  I've recently caught glimpses of things that have been hiding for so long...and passions deep within - of things I'm about to jump on.  I don't think any minute of my life was wasted, but sometimes I feel that I kept myself from focusing because of FEAR. 

I'm making my own path.  There are very few in my life that have walked where I have...and where I will walk.  I hope to bump into some folks that have walked similar paths - so I can grab advice from them about where I'm walking and how to do it wisely.  Wisdom will certainly go hand in hand with what I am doing next.  Thank God for that. :)  I guess I'm saying - I would rather have gone slowly...than fast, even though my personality is sometimes in hyper-mode.  I know in the end, I'm thankful for the path I'm taking and have taken.  Because my future is brighter and brighter and clearer and clearer.

Just like was recently pointed out...
my new level is like a new camera....

new lens, sharper focus, WIDER angle.
same buttons & settings, just a whole new set of equipment to work with.
get it?  EQUIPPED.
I am equipped to do the work ahead of me.

God does not call the qualified, he qualifies the called.
I am called.

This is why I will never stop. :)

Have a great week!!!!!

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