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Thursday, November 11, 2010

"This means something, this is important"...

I'm really in awe of things that kinda are moving my way.  I had prayed for an opportunity to move into a place where I needed to be, and I got one of my answers.  I know that my purpose is multi-tiered and functional in several areas, but just having this ONE piece fall into place really just lit me up.  So much so - I could not WAIT to get my information out there and going full steam ahead. :)

In good time, I'll reveal that part of my life.
For now, I'm keeping it for me. :)

All i really want is to truly find my place that I can thrive into what I'm called to do - the searching part gets SO exhausting...and then the waiting...and searching...and finally God said, sit down. :)  I sat down...and this week got 1 piece of the puzzle and immediately jumped on it.  I can't tell you the joy inside when it happened too.  I look forward to MORE of this, and soon too.

Before I know it, the dreams I've had will make sense.

Before you know it, I'll be *poof* :) hahaha!

Thanks to all my friends/family that support me - I couldn't do it without you.

Next up....the sky is not the limit. :) - this is me, in "bloom" :) *smile*

and here is me...."behind the cloud" - still shining, but covered by God's presence in order to shine even brighter when my time comes. :)
 took this inside the Orlando airport - and i sat by the window to keep "warm" and take in the light..and all of the sudden...this LITTLE cloud completely covers it.  The light is seemingly gone, but still peering out past it.  God showed me that this is me.  I'm totally covered by him, still shining, but will be even brighter when this next "move" of what i'm doing happens.

He knows I like visuals. :)
Just talking about it gets me excited.

Rock ON.

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