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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"God loves you, so what does it matter if people don't like you?"....

That was a nice quickie message today. hahaah!  I am always amused at Joyce Meyer and how God uses her completely to speak to those of us that need to laugh...and yet recieve God's word at the same time.  I've been in that place of it seems only fitting...that when I hear, I have to laugh too. :) 

There are changes coming soon...and new things coming into light for myself and my business.  I'm looking forward to that next level more and is just the PROCESS of getting there always seems to be so labor intensive internally...that I have avoided it.  So, I'm aiming to ignore the fears and no matter how much it may hurt, strain, poke and prod....I gotta get these things done....or I'm going nowhere.

I don't know about you, but I don't like being STUCK in places where I know my destiny is not.  I don't like hopping on the merry-go-round of situations that keep me going in circles...and never getting anywhere on the path that has been laid out.  I'm optimistic AND trusting God that all things are working for my good....

I've done a lot of years of sowing...into so many lives....and I still do, but now is the time for me to step away for a while and get some things knocked out for my future.  I know that it is all good, and it is all in good timing.  Never fear, when I come back from the covering of the cloud - it is going to be is going to be EXACTLY where I needed to be.  Thanks to all my friends for being patient with me. :) 

Until next time....................

I leave you with some little collages I was playing with...I thought they looked really cool!  I have never used templates or anything like that - so this is my first. :)

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