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Monday, October 4, 2010

Congrats to Conor & Sherry!

This is the beginning of a wonderful months of wedded bliss....I got to start my month off with Conor & Sherry. A very special couple whom I've had the pleasure of being friends with for a little while now.  I saw them get engaged...and was there the day it happened.  I also have seen Sherry's life & creativity unfold over these past months and have gotten to work with her several times now.  I have to say it was a happy collision of our paths.  We have had so much fun getting to work/know each other so it was only fitting that she had asked me to do their wedding photos.  I could NOT resist.  :)  I will be working on them today...and uploading their personal gallery to follow....
For those of you that were there, you KNOW the love that is there between them...
I look forward to seeing how their love & marriage blossoms!!!!

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