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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

OH, how HE loves us.

I spent a majority of my weekend in spiritual bootcamp.  The women's conference we had at our church was quite amazing and more enlightening to some things in my life.  I was jotting down ideas to put into action soon...and also got another idea for something a little more wild & crazee that may come into play also very soon.  I've only told 4 people what that is - and if you don't soon will. :) 

I spent a LOT of time the last 5 years serving at my church and in February I cut the last tie to my servanthood there.  It feels weird to be in this place of not really serving all the time, but always there when someone needs me.  I don't have a defined "title" and I don't have a section where I serve, but I'm here to serve whenever I'm needed.  However, what I have found is that I'm still serving God with every day I live.  It doesn't matter where...I'm still seeking after him and loving on people and leaving them better off than when i found them. 

I also spent part of my weekend surrendering all that I love or dreams that I have right back to God.  I know that when I let those things consume me, I'm far from him.  I want to be closer.  The job & mission will still get done, but I don't want that to drive me every day.  I want his voice to drive that i make decisions based on what He says v. what I think I should do.  I found I got very tired of this.  Itz so easy to get burned out from our own personal drives...that we forget who should really be driving the car. :) 

Sunday turned out to be gloriously fun & amazing.  I just had fun kicking it with senior twins who were cheerleaders.  They were fun, beautiful and definitely loved the camera.  I love it when that happens.  :) 
After that shoot, I headed to our photo group in Garland and I gave all the reigns to Catoe this time around to just let her toss together anything & everything she wanted and we jumped in.  2 belly dancers came out to have some fun with us...and I tried some new things I hadn't done since mexico.  Itz just one of those things. I'm an artist.  I get bored with the same ol.  I'm looking to push into the new...and try things. :)

These past few weeks have just been a story unfolding of a girl with dreams....these few weeks ahead are going to be fun, challenging and worth every drop of sacrifice that I need to give in order to be all I can be.  One thing i don't wanna be a human-doing rather than a human-being.  May God help me see the difference...and help me to STOP when I get out of control!!! :)

Have a super week everyone!!!!
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